How it was born
The Farmaplanta brand was born from the values and professional history of Amazzonia Fitopreparati in the production and distribution of food supplements.
The birth of Farmaplanta coincides with the beginnings of the fair trade market. In fact, discovering and spreading the knowledge of new raw materials by helping local populations is a vocation that has shaped our values and our working approach. A fair, rigorous approach based on quality and innovation has allowed us to create a complete range of products and supplements of 100% natural origin.
Vision and Mission
We promote well-being and health by innovating the natural medicine sector. We are committed to conveying the fruit of our scientific research to live in a healthy world, in which the well-being derived from natural products prevails.

Every day, for almost 30 years, we have been putting science and innovation at the service of health to create and distribute the best products of natural origin.
We offer answers to the most common health problems with an approach oriented towards prevention, self-care and well-being.

We are committed to creating and consolidating a growing network of international collaborators and distributors to share the beneficial principles of plants, thanks to our line of supplements.

The first step towards your well-being is the awareness of being able to rely on natural medicine effectively and safely. Those who choose Farmaplanta products find a remedy for their health problems thanks to formulations specially designed for the use of substances mainly of natural origin.
An estimate by the World Health Organization believes that more than 80% of the world population considers plants as the main therapeutic source (Monti and Giachetti, 2005).
Strengthened by knowledge and experience in the sector, the Farmaplanta brand has its roots in the passion of the professionals of Amazonia Fitopreparati to promote the use of natural medicine supported by scientific bases.
Farmaplanta aims to spread natural products from the best phytotherapeutic tradition. Quality, competence, professionalism and a focus on customer needs are some of the brand’s founding values.
We put our skills at your service to offer 100% natural relief and nourishment.